Where in Washington DC can I get good price deals on video games?

My kids love video games, that's the only gift I want, but they can be expensive. Where can I get them the cheapest??

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It's difficult to get cheap (just released) video games short of ordering them online.

You could try FYE or Gamestop and try to get some of the older pre-played games. You can also get good deals at wholesale clubs like Costco. They will often have video game bundles for less than what you would get them if you went to a regular retail store.

Unfortunately it's going to be pretty difficult to get a lot of the new titles for less than $50-60 a game. A good online site to rent games is Gamefly.com. It's similar to netflix but for video games.
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You can by games for cheap on New Jersey ave at Cbcpac. You can call them at (202) 544-6241.
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